What are you selling?

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How would you answer the question “what do you sell?”.

Having asked that question many times to different business owners and the answer is usually a list of items that they carry or services they provide.

They usually reply with something like. “I sell, curtains, or speakers, or sound systems, or cars, or tyres.”

These are products and commodities. Yes, perhaps that which is exchanged for money is the item itself but the question that needs to be asked, as a seller and of course as as a marketer is what is the customer buying?

When one buys a BMW, one is not buying a car, one is buying a promise of engineering excellence, a statement of having arrived, a projection of self actualization, an “Ultimate driving machine”. The tagline used to be ‘the ultimate driving machine’
It is not just a car. BMW sells dreams.

We sell experiences , prestige, life changing moments, aspirations, security, safety, reassurance, Joie de vivre, identification, belongingl

In short, we sell that which makes us human.

This isnt just in the realm of luxury goods, if we find out what the customer is really buying, we lift the ‘mere commodities’ above the pack and transform them into something remarkable. Think bubble tea, pork floss buns, kellogs cornflakes all have their human-nesss hook.

And those who get it, will get it.

What are you selling?

JoelWhat are you selling?