I am passionate about Crowdsourced Convergent Technologies, Connected social tribes, Culture as subtext of the Social Media metanarrative and  Cross collaborative inter-tribal interaction  leading to new paradigms.

I am a marketer.

I am also an expert at how to fail on the internet.

I have built 51 sites, and let 38 of them die.

9 of them were either before their time or, dependencies are not in place for them to fulfill their potential.

3 of them work.

I believe that Asia is the next hotbed of innovation on the social media front.

I also believe that this development will eventually take on its own life apart from its western counterpart.

I want to be in a position to ride that wave when it happens.

What is this blog about?

Gen Y in Asia, Social Media, cultural convergence, Tribal engagement  and The next wave .

We live in exciting times 🙂

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