Matrix of Customer wants

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A long time ago, a speakers I heard brought up the concept of a johari windowas a means of discovering more about oneself and ones relationship with others. As I was thinking about the 2×2 matrix format, I asked myself how that would apply to Entrepreneurship and The new marketing paradigmn.

I decided to layout a johari-esque matrix and filled in the blanks.

With Interesting results.

Each ‘window’ corresponds with a level of influence on the customer and  differentiation from competitors. They can be seen as follows,

1. The window of Due Dilligence

Areas where both the parties are privy to the wants and needs, it becomes a matter of due dilligence. Basic infrastructure and processes that need to be put in place becauseit is expected. The rules are clearly defined and demarcated for the most part and most companies in the mix would have most of these elements in place.

2. Window of Death by Irrelevence

Any company who stays too long in this space dies a slow death. Like we/ve always said, death, in Social Media isnt quick. It is teh slow death of irrelevance. As long as  a comapny isnt meeting the needs of the key consumers it loses relevance and eventually dies.  This is the key chalenge because marketing efforts are deliberate  while market forces, move by the power of the mass-effect. The collective tribe determines the worth of an endeavour. Companies need to be streamlined and quick enough to react to  shifts in market forces in order to be well placed when it tips. This requires keeping a close eye and finger on the pulse of the market.

3. Window of Opportunity.

This is where it gets interesting.

A situation where a company knows more about the needs of the consumer than the consumer does, it is always an opportunity to shine.

It is the Competitive edge, the USP and the Area of Differentiation from Competitors.

This is where the magic happens and where marketers live.

How then do we maximize this space while constantly working to minimize irrelevance?


JoelMatrix of Customer wants