Screentegration and the NBA

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T’was Linsanity versus Dirk. I wanted to check the box score and went to the relevant link at At the page, there was button link to  The TV companion. This is what I saw. I initially viewed the link on my  Macbook. The formatting seemed a little strange  but I had a hunch and I opened up the link … Read More

JoelScreentegration and the NBA

Screentigration and Screenvergence – New Concepts For the Next Wave.

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Social Media has transformed  existence as we know it. However, The technological advancement that made it possible was the development of the screen. The screen, gave us an interface with every aspect of our lives, it became a window to a world  outside much larger than our physical and geographical, cultural and linguistic space. It makes sense then that the  … Read More

JoelScreentigration and Screenvergence – New Concepts For the Next Wave.