Blogshop Mistake #5 – Believing that all your customers are like you.

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Many blogshop owners start thir businesses with the mistaken assumption that their customers would make the same choices they would. They choose their product offerings based on what they feel they themselves would purchase.This is flawed because ineivtably, the target market consists of “people much like themselves”  which is usually a very narrow sub niche within a greater niche and … Read More

JoelBlogshop Mistake #5 – Believing that all your customers are like you.

Blogshop Mistakes #1 – Lack of research

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“Research” for a blogshop usually begins with ” If I sold this online, would you buy it?” That question is then reiterated  several times across a network of well meaninged family and friends and that eventually starts the process of building a buiness with dreams of making millions. As far as I am concerned the first rule of starting a … Read More

JoelBlogshop Mistakes #1 – Lack of research