Enchantment, Delight, and A Happy Ever After : Marketing as story

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Guy Kawasaki just released his book “Enchantment:The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions” I just ordered my copy and am  looking forward to reading it. The landscape and vocabulary  of business and marketing is Changing. Right from the onset of this blog, we have been speaking about Marketing as a story, one of achieving that “Happily ever after” The … Read More

JoelEnchantment, Delight, and A Happy Ever After : Marketing as story

Happily Ever After

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Once upon a time … Happily ever after. This is the essence of the story. One can argue that it is the very openendedness of a fairytale that brings about its endearing appeal. That there is a chance for a happily ever after .  After the “once upon a time”, the story  becomes a precursor to an enduring connection which … Read More

JoelHappily Ever After