Why Social Media is not a campaign.

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Social media has 2 parts Social, and media. The objective of social media, is to be social. The media is the vehicle that allows this to take place. I often have the chance to meet small business owners who would talk about  the latest Facebook campaign that got so many sales or likes. however, there is usually no follow-up, no … Read More

JoelWhy Social Media is not a campaign.

Facebook + Instagram – 1 billion pictures, 1 good reason.

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$1 Billion. Thats what Facebook deems Instagr.am is worth. The 19 month old startup with 13 employees was acquired  by Facebook in April 2012 for the sum of 1 Billion dollars.  But Why did Facebook do that?  The internet was in an uproar with participants firmly on both sides of the debate. Incidentally, that is also  the number of photos  … Read More

JoelFacebook + Instagram – 1 billion pictures, 1 good reason.

Be more Pinteresting! – Advanced Pinterest for Blogshops

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Everybody’s Pinning! The last Pinterest post we did was for how to Promote a blogshop through Pinterest. Since then, more and more brands and users are joining Pinterest.  The really great thing about Pinterest is that it links directly with site content as opposed to a platform like Facebook which is all about the interactivity and Social experience. Pinterest is … Read More

JoelBe more Pinteresting! – Advanced Pinterest for Blogshops

6 Tips to promote your blogshop on Pinterest

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  One of the hottest Social  properties  in cyberspace is Pinterest. It is probably, right now, THE hottest new network. There are many reasons for this and Pinterest has quickly become one of the top drivers of traffic for womens magazines as well as some major brands. Pinterest is fantastic for publicizing blogshops as well. In fact, I would say … Read More

Joel6 Tips to promote your blogshop on Pinterest

Apple, Social by Design.

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  After Apple announced the launch of the new OS, there was a flurry of reactions around the fact that Apple  integrated Twitter into the OS rather than Facebook. Apple is, first and foremost a hardware company.  They control the entire supply chain and make huge profits on their exceptional hardware offerings. However, the business model by which Apple sells … Read More

JoelApple, Social by Design.

Evolution of Chat – IRC/ICQ/Friendster/MSN/Gchat

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Not too long ago, on a whim I searched for Mud I used to actively participate in, Realms of Despair. It was perhaps 15 years ago but it is still around and still active even in this age of MMORPGs. http://www.realmsofdespair.com/ It started me thinking about my progression down the path of socialization and convergence. It started with MIRC, in … Read More

JoelEvolution of Chat – IRC/ICQ/Friendster/MSN/Gchat