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With the upcoming “Lets talk iPhone” event, the buzz about the iPhone 5 is growing to a fever pitch. As with each Apple product launch, the buzz on the internet has been steadily growing with the usual fanboy vs naysayer debates fueled by tech blog speculation. Much of the debate is US centric and focused on technology implementation and compatibility. … Read More

JoelApple Devices – Interfaces For Life

Of Apples and Berries, and other communication devices.

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   My very first mobile phone was a Nokia 6110.  There were other built in functions for sure but it was a phone, designed as a communications device and shaped like how people perceive a phone handset to be like. No one thought much of it, we chose phones based on  form and function and went on with our lives.  … Read More

JoelOf Apples and Berries, and other communication devices.