Blogshop Mistake #4 – Not knowing what you are really selling.

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Another of my favourite questions to ask when discussing about blogshops is : What are you REALLY selling?  This is after talking about the basic business model and themes and niches. By that time, the products would have been identified. So it will seem like an odd question initially. Well, the answer is NOT: – “K/Jpop inspired Fashion” – “Makeup” … Read More

JoelBlogshop Mistake #4 – Not knowing what you are really selling.

All I wanna say is that they dont really care about us.

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I have been reading various Social media/E-commerce  ‘How-To’ posts for businesses. Many of them seem to begin with having to ‘Attract’ customers to you  by advertisements, word of mouth, or viral campaigns. I guess the idea is that  all one has to do is to interrupt their daily activities by placing an ad  and they will all fall in line … Read More

JoelAll I wanna say is that they dont really care about us.

Apples Iphone and Economies of scale.

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In Jason Schwarz’s piece ,“let’s talk” iphone 5 is a game changer” , He says: “After witnessing 142% unit growth for the iPhone in Apple’s most recent quarter, we believe that the upcoming iPhone 5 will command a similar growth trajectory in the holiday quarter. Last year Apple sold 16.24 million iPhones, this year we expect they will sell at … Read More

JoelApples Iphone and Economies of scale.

The Cost of NOT

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I have often had conversations with business owners who use variations of the same, but “we cant afford to….”  theme We cant possibly afford to provide a warranty We cant afford to provide  delivery services We are only a small company, we cant possibly afford to create a customer friendly  environment We cant possibly afford to just give a one-to-one … Read More

JoelThe Cost of NOT

Essence of Chicken – A Marketing Triumph.

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I have a short list of people in history I’d like to meet with and shake their hand.  On the top of that list is ” the first person who ate a Raw Oyster”. Somewhere down that list of people I admire, along with Steve Jobs and Lee Kwan Yew, is an as yet nameless individual, who invented the “Essence … Read More

JoelEssence of Chicken – A Marketing Triumph.

What are you selling?

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How would you answer the question “what do you sell?”. Having asked that question many times to different business owners and the answer is usually a list of items that they carry or services they provide. They usually reply with something like. “I sell, curtains, or speakers, or sound systems, or cars, or tyres.” These are products and commodities. Yes, … Read More

JoelWhat are you selling?

Everything I needed to know about marketing, I learned from a storyteller.

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I have very vivid memories of this program about storyteller. He had a distinct voice and I remember watching the program as a child and singing along. Just yesterday I decided to go search for the song and found it on youtube (Of Course). I’d like to share it  here. The lyrics go: I’m a storyteller, and my stories must … Read More

JoelEverything I needed to know about marketing, I learned from a storyteller.

Marketing – The Power of the story

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I have been known at times to pick up a camera and go to weddings. There have been people who have given me the privilege of sharing the most important day of their lives. People always ask me, (Me holding a huge DSLR, flash, additional lenses, sometimes tripod) ” Are you a photographer?” My reply is always ” No. Im … Read More

JoelMarketing – The Power of the story

Marketing, a working definition

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What is Marketing? It does seem like everyone has a vague idea of what it means, usually involving 4 or more Ps. Well,  I personally feel a need to jump into the mix and drop in my own   working definition so as to form a framework  to build the rest of this blog upon. Of course, all the economics I … Read More

JoelMarketing, a working definition

What is your business?

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The main concern of most businesses is, How can I get my customer to spend more on my (insert industry) product? This is probably the wrong question. I’d like to write for the record, You  are NOT in the Trading business. You are NOT  in the construction business. You are NOT in the retail business. You are NOT in the … Read More

JoelWhat is your business?