Marketing – The Power of the story

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I have been known at times to pick up a camera and go to weddings.

There have been people who have given me the privilege of sharing the most important day of their lives.

People always ask me, (Me holding a huge DSLR, flash, additional lenses, sometimes tripod) ” Are you a photographer?”

My reply is always ” No. Im a storyteller.”

I dont see myself as a photographer, I try to freeze slices of time with elements in them that convey a sense of story, with a little drama, a little emotion, some honesty and a whole lot of Panache . I try to deliver 12 slices that tell a story that will convey the essence of the day for the couple.

In my day job, thats what I do as well. I try to find the story behind the product or service, find the emotion attached to it,  deliver the message with honesty  and in a style unique to the experience to convey the essence of what the customer wants.

When all the elements are in place, magic happens and a connection is   made.

A transaction is completed of course, but thats  just the first step to building a relationship that lasts.

What is your story?

JoelMarketing – The Power of the story