Happily Ever After

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Once upon a time … Happily ever after.

This is the essence of the story.

One can argue that it is the very openendedness of a fairytale that brings about its endearing appeal. That there is a chance for a happily ever after .  After the “once upon a time”, the story  becomes a precursor to an enduring connection which serves as a vehicle for the Happily Ever After.

At the back of the mind of the reader of course,  knows that this isn’t possible, to be ‘ever after’  happy.

However, at that point in the story, the Happily Ever After is that promise that enables the protagonists to build something upon.  Inevitably in the space between the Once upon a time and the Happily ever after is some kind of a trial, and obstacle that needs to be overcome once that is achieved, the promise of the Happily ever after becomes a reality.

With each promise made, and promise fulfilled, obstacle overcome, connection created and nurtured, EACH  Once Upon a Time  has its Happily Ever After and that,  is the real magic.


Each contact point with a customer is a once upon a time.

” Once upon a time, there was a banker who was looking for a car…..  ”

“Once upon a time, a teacher decided that she needed a more comfortable pair of shoes … ”

“Once upon a time,  Tim was one his way home from school and realised he was hungry… ”


These ‘Once upon a times’  are the points of  convergence where a story begins and the marketer as story teller has an opportunity.

If there weren’t these ‘Once upon a time’ there would be no need for the HERO.

As we saw in the post “what are you selling?” We do not sell products, we sell the dreams and  inspirations and stories.

For the Marketer as Hero, the job then is to pen in the rest of the story. We already know how it should end, we simply have to do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles, slay the dragons, discredit the pretenders, beat the rivals, destroy the evil armies and fulfill the promises made to bring about the Happily Ever After.

Tell the story well, and there will be many more Once Upon A Times.

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