Enchantment, Delight, and A Happy Ever After : Marketing as story

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Guy Kawasaki just released his book “Enchantment:The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions” I just ordered my copy and am  looking forward to reading it.

The landscape and vocabulary  of business and marketing is Changing. Right from the onset of this blog, we have been speaking about Marketing as a story, one of achieving that “Happily ever after” The post that caused me to start this blog was a realization of that Marketing is about telling a story, one with many “happily ever afters”.

As I continue to find touchpoints to engage my market, I realise that more and more, the syntex of Marketing has been through a paradigm shift.

Our context is that of Story-Telling. With words that used to only appear in fairy tales.

Our job then, is to make wonderdelight, and enchantment the bottom line, trusting that that  each happily ever we deliver gives us the permission to continue to deliver, and to keep the story going.



JoelEnchantment, Delight, and A Happy Ever After : Marketing as story