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With the upcoming “Lets talk iPhone” event, the buzz about the iPhone 5 is growing to a fever pitch.

As with each Apple product launch, the buzz on the internet has been steadily growing with the usual fanboy vs naysayer debates fueled by tech blog speculation. Much of the debate is US centric and focused on technology implementation and compatibility.

It has always been my opinion however that any discussion about Apple that focuses on Technology is a non-starter. Apple does produce a well designed well conceived, highly usable product line with an incredibly organic user experience. However, the innovation is never about new technology but about reinventing engagement paradigms.

Apple produces interfaces.

For Life.

We live in an age of information overload where ‘instant’ is the basic expectation of our interactions and various forms of engagement. With this much information, we require some form of interface to make sense of it all and allow us to stay connected.

Much like how infographics allow us to make sense of data, Apple products helps make sense of the various data streams and creates a common platform for a shared experience.

The technology and hardware is built to facilitate engagement without calling attention to itself.

It can be said that devices from other manufacturers also serve the same function. However, What Apple does very well is to translate that experience consistently across all its engagement platforms. Each device is an interface that fulfills the need for instant connectedness and engagement.

Reading up on the rumors of the iPhone 5, It is quite evident that whatever Apple actually launches come October 4th, it will serve build upon that experience.

I for one am looking forward to it.

JoelApple Devices – Interfaces For Life