Apple iTV – a Window into Apple’s Endgame .

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The Strategy is taking shape.

In a previous post, Steve Jobs and the Apple Core Competency – Delivering Happiness to individuals, we spoke about how Apple devices seek to be interfaces for life.

I find it strange that commentators seem to delight in dragging Apple products down to a level of technological breakthroughs.

I suppose they have to in order to create a platform for discussion. Screen size, speed, OS are all fair game.

However, the fact is, taking an Apple product out of the context of the Apple Ecosystem is missing the point.

You might say that you arent comparing Apples to Apples…. 😉

As we see the products roll out, perhaps  can postulate about the End Game.

The Apple ecosystem exists for one purpose, to allow media to be consumed.I believe that as the iPod revolutionized music listening and killed off the music industry as we knew it, Jobs had a glimpse into the future where all media could be consumed via our Electronic Media Interfaces.  This was where it started. Then…

  1. There was the Macbook – Pretty, white, and served as an itunes interface for the ipod.  – consumers are drawn in.
  2. The Iphone – Transformed the way we view Phones. I spoke about this here. It allowed the  app store which drew developers and  businesses into the fold.
  3. The Ipad – I personally believe that the iPad   was launched simply to complete the Goldilocks trifecta (Too small, Too bulky, Juuust right). As with every Apple product, the naysayers started comparing it to other tablet offerings and comparing stats… and then were surprised as they flew off the shelves.
  4. iCloud – With little fanfare, iCloud was birthed. It just seemed like another cloud-based  system which is all the rage. But when taken in context, It is the element that breathes life into the ecosystem. A line is drawn in the sand and  everything before was BC – before Cloud. It allows members of the Apple enabled tribe to become citizens in this ecosystem. Suddenly, every Apple device becomes a conduit to channel information and media from the cloud.

OK, So the next  thing in the chain is iTV.

Why then, after computers and phones would Apple venture into Televisions ?

Its simple.  The Apple ecosystem consists of a series of screen based interfaces for life.

The Television, is the largest and  final frontier of screen based entities for Apple that they have not made their own. It is not portable, but will provide a centralized point of contact for others of the tribe. I would be very surprised it if did not come with some kind of  built in functionality for sharing and communication with other members of the tribe.

Add to that, the fact that with each iteration of the ecosystem, the Appstore has been upgraded, from music to small apps to HD apps to Macbook apps.

What kind of apps would be available for iTV?

SO there you have it, Apple realized early on that the main way we would interface with life is through our screens. and seeks to create a seamless infrastructure of screens from the small and portable all the way to the large, allowing the tribe to personalize the experience every step of the way and to tweak the experience according to preference. They also welcome developers into the ecosystem as well as giving them the tools to build  the infrastructure that gives the ecosystem life.

This keeps the tribe happy and empowered and leads to many happily ever afters.

And the story continues…..













JoelApple iTV – a Window into Apple’s Endgame .