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After Apple announced the launch of the new OS, there was a flurry of reactions around the fact that Apple  integrated Twitter into the OS rather than Facebook.

Apple is, first and foremost a hardware company.  They control the entire supply chain and make huge profits on their exceptional hardware offerings.

However, the business model by which Apple sells its products, has got very little to do with the products themselves.

As we have discussed before, within the closed context of iMessage,  iCloud and the App store, Apple has created an Ecosystem for Enabling, Energising and Empowering Engagement.

Microsoft did it with software, locking  users into  software and getting plenty  of opposition for it. Each upgrade is  brings about a new wave of discontent but they were the only game in town.

Apple however, invests in  the platform, and offers it to consumers,  for FREE,  iMessage across devices, iCloud, iTunes, and even some apps in the App store are all offered at no cost to the tribe.

They have also democratized music and media, charging 99cts for a song, an episode of a TV series or an app. 99 cents is affordable for everybody.

The way to gain access to this closed ecosystem of course, is to purchase an Apple product.

Apple is a purveyor of the best media consumption devices on the planet.  They also own the platform within  which these devices are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the lives of the customer. Each purchase allows a level of engagement with the brand as wella swith the tribe in a deeper and more releavant way.

This is why Twitter rather than Facebook.

Facebook is a platform in and of itself, while twitter is a means of communication within  tribe.

Social is designed and built into the very heart of the Apple experience.

We’re not there yet folks, lets se what the next act brings us on 7th March.









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JoelApple, Social by Design.