Blogshop Mistake #3 – No Viable Market

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“If I build it, they will come!”

This seems to be the rallying cry of many would-be blogshop owners. They hope that hundreds of paying customers would magically appear once they open their shop.

More than likely, Those hopes are in vain and the shop doesnt succeed.

One huge reason is that many founders spend all their time and money sourcing for new products to sell without bothering to consider how to attract the customers.

Many blogshops have no idea who their customers are and worse, many do not understand what the customers  valued in their shopping and what they were willing to pay for.

It is ABSOLUTELY critical to research, test and validate your market BEFORE  launching the site.

The time taken to discuss, to talk to prospective customers and to find out what they REALLY want will help blogshop owners provide better products, price better and have happier customers. This would lead to a more involved engagement with the customer which will lead to a blogshop that is more compelling than it would otherwise be.

Many blogshops take the ready, fire , fire fire, aim approach. This wastes resources and time.

Find your customers first, Then find out what they want, Then Offer it to them.

JoelBlogshop Mistake #3 – No Viable Market