Blogshop Mistakes #1 – Lack of research

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“Research” for a blogshop usually begins with ” If I sold this online, would you buy it?” That question is then reiterated  several times across a network of well meaninged family and friends and that eventually starts the process of building a buiness with dreams of making millions.

As far as I am concerned the first rule of starting a blogshop business.  ” DO NOT TRUST YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. ” The family and friends feedback is subjective is obviously always positive.

Also, he question itself is problematic. There is often a disconnect between one’s aspirational self and  what one is actually ready to bite the bullet on. If you ask if they ‘want’ to, many will say yes. However, if they were asked “Are you willing to place a preorder NOW”, that would lead to a statistically more significant number. You can be sure that if  you have mroe than 25% of people who say YES I would buy one right now at this price and do…  you have a pretty good chance of succeeding.


Where can your customers be found?

Why they would purchase from you rather than anywhere/anybody else?

Who are your main competitors?

How are you different from them

DO you have a niche to build a group of loyal customers who would be interested in what you have to say and sell?

Know your customer, know where they are, find something they would love and sell it to them at a price they find fair and you can make enough to keep going.

simple right? 🙂


JoelBlogshop Mistakes #1 – Lack of research