Bloshop Saturation – Mediocrity vs Exceptional

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Are there too many blogshops?

Well, there are defintely many Mediocre  blogshops.

When it comes to Mediocrity though, “too many” is good because it just makes the Exceptional stand out even more.

One reason for the proliferation of blogshops is how easy it is to set one up. Get a few catalog pictures, start an LJ and  one is good to go.  This leads to many ‘me-too’ shops with the same offerings, themes, look and even names.Yes, trying to start another blogshop is a tough call.

However, admist the sea of mediocre,  there will always be pockets of life, shops that stand out and are different. The ‘Purple cow’s of blogshops, worth talking about, worth reposting, worth spending time on.

The way the Best blogshops do this is, by CREATING CONTENT!

In this day and age, content is still king, whether it is  great pictures, ridiculously cool logos, catchy repeatable taglines, LOL-able  mashups, Fashion Curation, the list is endless. Get people talking, get people laughing, bring people together, any bloghsop that achieves these things will have a better than average chance of success.

Be Exceptional.




JoelBloshop Saturation – Mediocrity vs Exceptional