Collaboratively Creative Convergent Crowd-sourced Content Creation – An evolution

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The rise of Collaboratively Creative Convergent Crowd-sourced Content Creation. I must admit that I have a healthy love for alliterations. In this case, it just happens to be work perfectly.

It started with simple, defined hooks like where submission was a simple image that was brought to democratic account by a jury of the collective internet tribe.

This was followed by where the focus was on the ‘secrets’ revealed.  In this case, the hook was 2 fold, submissions were made in the form of traditional correspondence that was digitized. It started with postcards but it evolved into an outpouring of creativity in the way he secrets were presented. I do believe that the convergence of traditional postcards and a digital delivery medium was waht contributed to the humanness of the experience.

Perhaps after that was the rise of and Content was real-time, live, tribe moderated by a ranking system, incredibly relevant as most of the posters seemed from the same demographic.

Along with Fmylife, youtube had more and more  mashups, my personal favourite is a ‘literal’ version of Total Eclipse of the heart

The latest Iteration of  crowd sourced content is the rise of the internet meme.

There were other sites of course like thechive but 9gag is leading the way(they got on facebook first) in timewasting and creative output.

This content is incredibly creative and because it is a pure democracy where content gets popularized  by actual users sharing, the cream rises to the top. USers anonymously feed of each other and  add to the evolution of the meme.

This is just the beginning.  They will eventually become platforms  from  which heros will arise and world changing culture creating movements are  started.

We do live in exciting times.



JoelCollaboratively Creative Convergent Crowd-sourced Content Creation – An evolution