The Emphasis is on the Social, not on the Media.

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In the traditional media distribution model , especially when distributed through the usual channels, the media takes centerstage. The focus was all about delivering the content  through channels to an amassed audience. Be it breaking news or a product promotion networks were implemented in order to deliver the media. Once the news was delivered, the job was done.

In many companies, this mindset still persists and Social Media is seen as just another channel for disseminating information and reaching out to the masses.


In the New media, Social Media space, the focus is on the Social, rather than the Media.


  1. The Media is the channel which allows one to start conversations.
  2. Because it is Social, LISTENING is as important as  speaking(broadcasting).
  3. The main aim, is to keep the Conversation going.
  4. The most important, some might say only Currency one has to leverage on is Trust.
  5. Good Social skills show leadership, develop trust,  bring value and build long term relationships.



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JoelThe Emphasis is on the Social, not on the Media.