SoLoMo – a Convergent approach to engagement.

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There has been a lot of Buzz around SoLoMo with the usual ‘is it a fad’  and ‘How do I implement” questions. For the uninitiated, SoLoMo refers to a convergence of Social, Local and Mobile platforms and is often touted as a Strategy for implementing ‘Social’ into the usual marketing mix.

The thing is, it isnt JUST…

SoLoMo is not just a fancy acronym to link 3 separate concepts together, rather, it is a single concept that cannot be separated form its component parts.

As with  every aspect of ‘Doing it Social’  The key to SoLoMo is, its relevance to an Individual.

  1. SOcial refers to its relevance to the aggregated sphere of influence to the tribe the individual belongs to, “This Message is relevant to the tribe YOU belong to. “(as opposed to the ‘others’ who are not in the tribe)
  2. LOcal brings it closer to home with a geographic identifier, making it more relevant, “This Message is relevant to the members of your tribe physically  NEAR YOU.”(as opposed to those physically and culturally and lingistically distant)
  3. MObile brings the message direct to the individual with a focussed relevance, “This is for YOU“. (as opposed to, Anybody else)

It is a permission based marketing concept where one gains credibility and the permission to speak in incrementally personal  spaces, obtaining buy in at every stage.  An approach that congruent across all 3 fronts builds a platform that has touchpoints across the entire spectrum of enagement.

The keyword here is PLATFORM.

This is of course a basic working description, but  the end goal is still the same, to Listen to, Communicate with, Influence and Lead the Niched Tribe, one individual at a time.


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JoelSoLoMo – a Convergent approach to engagement.