Screentigration and Screenvergence – New Concepts For the Next Wave.

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Social Media has transformed  existence as we know it. However, The technological advancement that made it possible was the development of the screen. The screen, gave us an interface with every aspect of our lives, it became a window to a world  outside much larger than our physical and geographical, cultural and linguistic space.

It makes sense then that the  major points of convergence would center around the various screens in our lives. APple realised this earlier and  decided to create  a closed system monopoly of the various  screens in our lives. As we saw iniTV – A Window Into Apple’s Endgame, the final frontier is the Largest screen in our lives, the Television. It was first  in the market, but of late, has fallen by the wayside because of the one-way delivery  nature of its programming.  However, inserting it  into the Apple Ecosystem, it suddenly changes everything, again.

Given the nature of this change, I would like to introduce 2 new concepts along with their definitions –  Screentegration and Screenvergence

Screentegration – The act of creating content requiring the use of multiple platforms to  consume.  The Idol  empire is a good example of an early implementation,  where the audience could vot for their favourite  acts. As we progress, we will become increasingly dependant on the multiple screens.  One could watch a basketball match on Television while using a tablet device to keep track of all the stats. As the game progresses, there might be opportunities to  scan a QR code  for a special offer with a handheld Phone.

Screenvergence –  Where content and data is formatted in such a way as to be able to be  accessed through any ‘screen based’ device in the users posession. The Network is the platform and the screens simply serve as  the interface.  Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and youtube  were all designed  to be screendependent  of platforms and  with SCREENVERGENCE in mind.

The concepts will take off and play out in the New wave, that I am sure, whether these terms do as well remains to be seen 🙂





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JoelScreentigration and Screenvergence – New Concepts For the Next Wave.